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Welcome to our new website. This is where we'll be doing most of our communicating about big events, or things that can include anyone (or groups of people) within our Clan. Please be patient as the site is being compiled; We're currently seeking members, as well as building this website as quickly as possible. We will be going through numerous changes, including changing the name of our Clan, as well as setting up several new things on this website. This one is already proving far better than the one we had previously.
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New Website; New Name

MagicDemon, Feb 9, 13 12:12 AM.
This website is now our main website. The other one we were using previously will be closed. There are several reasons for switching to this host instead of making another over there, but the main reason is solely because this host allows the top bar of the website to navigate basically anywhere without hesitation and it doesn't take very long to find what you're looking for. The theme at current is just a default one. We'll be looking into finding another relatively soon, but it's staying the way it is for now, solely because compiling the website is more important than messing about with the theme.

In other news:
Our Clan name has changed, for those of you that have been with us. For new people, this isn't really interesting news. :P The reasoning behind this isn't really that important, but we'll just say our new name is less hassle and more entertaining than our previous one. Anyway, I hope you guys dig the new hangout. We'll be giving it a polish and making it look better in the coming weeks.
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